Ofsted Report

Here are some highlights from our latest Ofsted Inspection Report…

About the quality and standards of the early years provision :

“Children benefit from a warm and inclusive learning environment. Staff provide children with constant praise and encouragement when they learn new skills. Children develop a good sense of belonging and self-worth. Staff use children’s interests to effectively motivate and help them engage in learning. Children make good progress in relation to their different starting points. They are well prepared for the next stages of their learning, including their move to school.  Staff help children to know right from wrong actions. Children behave well. They play well, and thoroughly enjoy working together to complete new tasks and challenges.  Children use their imagination well. For example, they set up a table, fetch water and fresh mint from the garden, and invite their friends to join in ‘a fresh mint tea party’ to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.  Staff support children’s understanding of diversity around them. For instance, children use resources and engage well in activities that help them learn about their own and other people’s identities and cultures.”

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