The Foundation of the Human Being

At the 25th International Montessori Congress in Sydney 2005 Dr. Silvana Quattrocchi Montanaro, M.D. wrote papers called “The Foundation of the Human Being”.

It starts…

papersqmDear Friends,

Certainly it is not difficult, before this audience, to present the idea that prenatal time and first years after birth are the foundation of the human being. We easily agree that this period is the base on which all the subsequent, never-ending process of humanization/self-perfection will be supported. Montessori explains clearly the importance of the first years at the very beginning of her last book, The Absorbent Mind (but she gave the Italian edition the better title, The Child’s Mind, i.e. La Mente del Bambino):

The greatness of human personality begins at the hour of birth … During this early period education must be understood as a help to the unfolding of the child’s inborn psychic powers. The child’s true constructive energy, a dynamic power, has remained unnoticed for thousands of years … the men of our day make progress after progress in civilized life without noticing the treasure that lie hidden in the psychic world of infancy …

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© Dr. Silvana Quattrocchi Montanaro, M.D., 2005