The Children’s House

Welcome to The Children’s House or “Casa Dei Bambini”


“The child will learn anything that we can offer him provided we can keep his interest alive. This is the secret of education” (Dr. Montessori)


This specially prepared environment is suitable for children aged 2.5 or 3 years up until the age of 6 years old. Our Children’s House is based in our stunning purpose built Mill Hill branch. Most children transition from our Infant Community into the Children’s House.

Our Montessori practice is what separates us by providing deep level learning for every child. Our environment is specially created with scientifically designed materials around the child’s developmental needs. We believe in promoting children’s independence from the very beginning, and promoting deep concentration within freedom and limits in the class. We strive to ensure that each child is loved, welcomed, valued, heard and is given wings to fly. In recognition of our high standards of Montessori Education, we are a teaching practice school for the Maria Montessori Institute. We also hold the accreditation from ME(UK) for our authentic and strong Montessori practice.